Consumer Product Engineering

Designs for the Consumer

Consumer products are all about the user experience. Whether it is the initial impression of the packaging and shelf appeal, to the user interaction and interface, DHIIT can help. From an initial sketch to exploration of styling alternatives, and realistic renderings, DHIIT’s solid Thinking Evolve allows industrial designers to develop products faster. With organic surface modeling and parametric control, and a unique Construction Tree history feature, evolve lets designers focus on their ideas instead of struggling with the design technology. Additionally, DHIIT’s Think Labs services can help customers with everything from user research, to branding, to design and prototyping.

Product Performance

Of course a “must have” for this industry is meeting the customers’ complete expectations for the product performance. Not only do consumers expect products to perform functionally as promised, they expect products to be safe, durable, and economically competitive. The DHIIT complete solutions allow the engineer to innovate and verify every aspect of product performance. Whether it is predicting the airflow through an air conditioning blower, improving the accuracy and distance from a golf club head, or optimizing the structures within any product for minimal material usage, or so many other examples on an endless list, DHIIT has the solutions covered. Additionally, the broad engineering expertise within DHIIT Product Design can be leveraged to lead, teach, or complement our customers’ existing organization when applying our solutions to their products.

Processing and Packaging

Many economical gains can be made also by improving the processing and packaging needed for consumer products. From simulating and tuning manufacturing processes for optimal performance and cost to optimize product packaging for protection against shipping and abuse conditions, DHIIT technologies and services has the solutions.