Our Company


Engineering Services:

DHIIT provides consultant engineering services to our world class customers.  We bring ingenuity blend in our work culture to enhance the skills and increase productivity of our engineers there by providing best results to our customers. we take a partnering approach to provide customer-driven solutions that are flexible, scalable, and cost-effective.

Our aim is to help start-up companies and inventors to get their ideas into reality by providing engineering services.

Research and Development:

DHIIT is first of its kind company in the world developing mid-air expandable aerial vehicles and working on stretching the limitations of the aerospace industry. Our mission is to develop energy efficient and near complete autonomous systems and vehicles to provide cost efficient logistic and transport systems.

We believe autonomous systems are the future of the world in every sector and industry. and we develop reliable and safe systems to support growing needs of the society.

Our Story:

It all started with the trending news about commercial drone deliveries world wide, our founder noticed a drawback in the operation of the drones mainly on the additional systems requirement for commercial drone delivery. Drone deliveries are lot more cost efficient and time-saving but it is not addressing the actual need of the consumer for pickup of packages from the consumer. Uma came up with a solution to mitigate the requirements of additional systems where the drone itself can pick up the package and integrate into the existing logistic system. His solution of automatic pickup leads to the development of expandable flying vehicles breaking the conventional designs.